High temperature parts and processes in industry emit significant amount of radiation
in the visible and infrared regions of the spectrum. An accurate method of estimating the
temperature of combustor and furnace linings, turbine blades, molten metal and glass are
required to ensure quality and to research newer manufacturing methods. Spectraline's high
-speed spectrometers are great tools for measuring radiation emitted by these industrial
processes by virtue of their high frame rates, rugged and compact construction. The infrared
and visible imaging spectrometers use these non -contact measurements to estimate
temperatures, emittances, and concentrations of water vapor, soot, CO2, etc.

Fire, plume, and explosion analysis including temperature and concentration mapping are
a specialty of the ES series of mid-infrared spectrometers and the LS series of thermal line
scan cameras manufactured by Spectraline Inc. The high spectral scan rates enable
capture of valuable data for transient events such as explosions and rocket propellant
tests while the available 1-D and 2-D scanners enable temperature mapping of pool
fires and similar phenomena.

Altogether, Spectraline products are used in a wide variety of applications such as
monitoring molten glass, hot steel and aluminum ingots, fault detection in high
speed plastic webs and moving parts, characterizing automotive and
aerospace engine combustion, pool fires and rocket engine

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