Spectraline has introduced the ES100 spectrometer with a continuous full spectra acquisition rate of 1320 Hz, and a single shot rate of 7 KHz. With this latest addition, full hyperspectral imaging of a 128 x 128 image can be obtained in as little as 11 seconds. The primary advantage of the ES100 hyperspectral imager over conventional hyperspectral imagers is that the full spectrum is obtained from each pixel of the image in 0.7 ms, leading to very low smear in the spectral data. In addition, the very fast acquisiton time (11 seconds) of the hyperspectral images allows for much shorter duration chemical reactions to be studied effectively. Hyperspectral imagers are most frequently used for combinatorial chemistry applications where the spectra from a large number of samples have to be obtained in an efficient manner. Hyperspectral imagers are also used to obtain the variation in surface properties (temperature, emissivity, composition, etc.) of objects such as hot metals, oil paintings, coatings, molten glass, etc. The ES100 spectrometer is converted to a hyperspectral imager with a 2D scanner mounted in front of it. The hyperspectral imager obtains spectral data at 160 wavelengths (between 1.2 and 4.8 microns) with an image resolution of 128 x 128 pixels. The technical specifications of the ES100 and the 2-D scanner are given below.


Configuration ES100 spectrometer with 2-D scanner, Focusing and Laser Aiming module


Array 160 element bilinear PbSe
Spectra acquisition 1320 Hz
Wavelength 1200 nm to 4800 nm
Data Acquisition Desktop computer with NI 10 MHz PCI board
User Interface Infraspec GUI with scanner module


Resolution 128X128 points
Horizontal line rate 11Hz
Hyper Spectral frame rate 0.091 Hz
Scanner Type Galvo Type
Imaging lens FOV Variable