Mid-Infrared Spectrometer

The ES series of spectrometer was developed by En�Urga Inc. and is marketed through Spectraline Inc. The spectrometer is used for analysis of combustion by-products and for emission and temperature measurements


  • Combustion research
    - Temperature measurements in large pool fires
    - Flame spread measurements
    - Emission measurements from flames
  • Power Generation
    - Temperature and species measurements in a gas turbine combustion chamber
  • A complete list can be found here at the Spectraline website.

Product Description

  • Spectrometer and power supply module
  • Desktop or laptop PC or with data acquisition board and InfraSpec software pre-installed, and all data and electrical cables.
  • A wide range of specialized accessories is available and is listed on Spectraline�s products web page.


  • No moving optics
  • High speed: 390/1320 Hz.
  • Measures spectra from 1 to 5 microns at 15 nanometers resolution

Operating Principle

Radiation enters the inlet port of the spectrometer through a sapphire window mounted on the interface plate. A tuning fork chopper cuts the incoming radiation at a specified frequency. The chopped radiation goes through some optics including a set of prisms that disperse the spectrum into its component wavelengths. The dispersed beam falls on a parabolic mirror that reflects it on to a detector array. The detector is a liner array with 256 Lead Selenide elements. A data acquisition board captures the signal from the detector. The spectrometer comes with a data acquisition board system with InfraSpec software installed. The InfraSpec software calculates the relative intensities corresponding to the voltage of each pixel, and plots it against the corresponding wavelength falling on each pixel. When referenced with calibrations obtained using a black body radiation source, the software provides the absolute values of radiation intensities recorded by the detector array.

Download (pdf): ES 200 Spectrometer Brochure

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